For the love of buckwheat

I have fond memories of the buckwheat pancakes that we enjoyed when I was young.  I loved the nutty flavor of them.  Trying to find them as an adult is difficult though not impossible. I thought EVERYONE ate buckwheat pancakes.  I’m not much for sweets in the morning so I placate myself with Buckwheat Bread or Buckwheat honey in my greek yogurt.  On a whim, I though I’d try to do a cookie using buckwheat honey and buckwheat flour.  Buckwheat is not actually a grain, but rather a seed so the flour is not grain based and contains no gluten.  19989409_10212000523700727_1295665874417804180_nAs in almond flour, the lack of gluten in buckwheat flour means one must consider structural constraints and modify a recipe accordingly.  The use of honey in a recipe also means changes will need to be made in sweetener quantity, liquid quantity, pH and baking temperature.  Looking around the internet, I couldn’t find ANY recipes that were anywhere close to what I was thinking of.  This was just the sort of problem that I love to tackle.  I considered basic cookie recipes as I began to develop the recipe with allowances for the use of buckwheat flour and honey.  I used whole wheat flour rather than all purpose.  The resulting cookie is soft and cake-like with a delightful nutty flavor.  Subtle in flavor, the desire to have another sneaks up on you!  These cookies would stand up to the addition of raisins, dates, nuts, apples or plums.  You can find the recipe for my Buckwheat Honey & Buckwheat Cookies here.


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