Second day pie crust blues…

There are few things more heavenly than a pie, hot from the oven, with crust that flakes into buttery delirium-inducing bits when you slice into it.  And, there are few things more frustrating (to a cook) than slicing into the same pie after refrigeration when the crust has transmogrified into a tough slab of visually inviting but deceptive (not crusty) crust on the sides and a layer of doughy disappointment on the bottom.  In my efforts to come up with a dough that could withstand not only the moisture of the filling, but the chill of the frig I found a new trick (new to me, at least) which is the addition of a whole egg or an egg yolk to the dough.  The resulting dough is easier to roll and holds up quite nicely to refrigeration!  I used a version called “Keeper Pie Dough” found on the Oregonian website (link here).  For a really fantastic article on pie crusts including the great vodka debate, go here. I have since adapted the classic pie dough recipe from Julia Child.  The recipe for my Robust Crust is here.

What follows are a few pics from a pie I made today using this crust.



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